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Tuition Rates


*Tuition prices have increased $2/month per class due to inflation & rising cost in goods & services. Ohana will continue to offer the same quality dance education, safe environment & positive experience that we always have. We truly value each and every member of our dance family and appreciate your understanding as we work hard to employ incredible instructors & staff and to continue to give back to the community  financially and with love. 

The 2023-2024 dance year will consist of weekly classes from September 11, 2023 through June 2023. Monthly payments are based on a yearly tuition fee of $570 per class. Payments are divided into 10 monthly payments of $57.00 per class. Tuition does not change because of the number of classes in any given month - holidays and school vacations are already accounted for in the tuition amount. Some months have fewer or more weeks than others: you are not paying per week, but per class for the entire year. You are not paying for scheduled school vacations & holidays!
Credit will not be given for any missed classes due to illness or personal commitments. Snow days will be made up when possible. You are welcome to make up any class missed. When registering, students commit to the entire season and are required to pay every monthly payment unless the student chooses to un-enroll from classes by December 31, 2022. If a student chooses to un-enroll from class after January 1, 2023, they are responsible for paying for the entire remaining year of classes.

Please refer to the payment chart below for class pricing when taking more than 1 class ! These discounts apply to classes per family: for example, if one family has two children each taking 1 class, the family will pay $107 per month.

Number of Classes

Monthly Payment































Ohana is grateful for our service men and women and the many sacrifices they make. We offer a 5% discount to students of Police Officers, Firefighters, EMS, & Active Duty Military Personnel. 

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