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Tickets will go on sale on Monday, May 13!

$20 each (Cash or Check ONLY!)

We are anticipating selling out ALL THREE SHOWS before the weekend of the recital. Please do not wait to get your tickets!

Tickets will be sold every day dance day, Monday through Thursday from May 13 until June 20.

You may not purchase tickets if you have an unpaid balance on your account! 

Does my dancer need a ticket?

Dancers do NOT need tickets to the show! If they are performing, they may watch the show from the live stream in the dressing rooms. If a parent wants them to be in the audience, they must purchase a ticket!

If your child is in all four shows and you'd like to watch all four shows in the audience, you must purchase a ticket for all four shows. You may also volunteer at one or two or three of the shows, if you'd like, in exchange for 1 free ticket!

Read more about volunteering here!

If your dancer is old enough, they may be dropped off and allowed to wait in the dressing room for the entire performance, and picked up after the show!

When can I buy tickets?

You may purchase tickets starting on May 13! They will be available for purchase every day we have dance classes until June 20 or until we sell out. We are anticipating three SOLD OUT shows! Please don't wait to purchase tickets!

Tickets will only be available at Ohana! Not online. You must pay for your tickets when you purchase them! Due to the high volume of tickets we're expecting to sell, we will not be able accept credit card payments or add tickets to your account for payment later. Thank you for your cooperation!

Miss Ashley & Miss Loryn will be the people you should see about purchasing tickets. If no one is at the desk in the downstairs waiting room, please patiently wait until in between classes to purchase tickets!

Please do not disrupt the teacher & students in the middle of the class! 

If there is a balance on your dancers account, you may not purchase tickets until the balance is paid!

More Ticket Details:

All tickets will be wristbands! Each show has a different color wristband. You must be wearing your wristband to gain entrance into the show. Every person that is taking up a seat must wear their wristband!

Please keep track of your wristbands! As we will be selling over 1600 tickets for the weekend, we will not be able to keep track of who purchased tickets. We are not responsible if you lose your ticket & we may not be able to replace it, we're sorry!


How can I pay? 
Cash or check ONLY! Thank you for your understanding! :) 

How much are tickets?
Tickets are $20 each! If you in the audience, you need a ticket.

Does my dancer need a ticket?
No they don't...... UNLESS they are in the audience with you! If you are taking up a seat in the audience, they need a ticket. We will allow dancers under age 3 who will SIT ON YOUR LAP to be in the audience. This is up to the discretion of our front-of-house volunteers!

How many tickets can I purchase at once? 
As many as you'd like! We recommend purchasing as many as you can, as soon as you can. We do expect to sell out all three shows!
**Any balance on your account MUST be paid prior to purchasing tickets!**

When can I buy tickets?
Monday-Thursday, 4:30pm-8pm! Our goal is to have someone at the downstairs desk to assist with ticket purchases during these hours. If they are not at the desk, please wait until class is over to ask your instructor questions. You may also leave payment for tickets in our studio lockbox (inside or outside) and we will put your tickets in an envelope to give to you the next time we see you!

What is the show time/date? 
Our recital weekend is June 21 (Dress Rehearsal) and June 22-23 (Recital). Your dancer may be in 1, 2, 3, or all 4 shows! We have lists of what classes are in which shows on our website and at the studio. Click the button below to see the list of classes in each show online.

What if I want my child in the audience with me? 
No problem! If they are taking up a seat in the auditorium, they MUST have a ticket! No exceptions. Thank you for understanding!


If I volunteer, do I get a free ticket?

Yes, for each show a person volunteers at, they get a free ticket to a show of your choice (thank you!). Ohana will HOLD ON TO THESE TICKETS until the week of the show. This opportunity is only valid until we fill all of our volunteer spots!

We have a very limited number of seats in the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter High School performance space. Please do not wait to purchase your tickets! With over 350 students & their families to accommodate, we appreciate your patience, understanding, and love throughout our 2nd Recital season! 

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