Do you want to be a part of Ohana’s Performance Team this season?


What are Performance Teams?

Ohana’s Performance Teams are groups of dancers that have a desire to learn various dance styles, have a strong commitment to their classes, the studio and their peers and are looking for a bit more discipline. Our teams perform at various community events, such as Thunderbirds Hockey games, community fundraisers, Yankee Candle, charity concerts, etc. It’s a great opportunity for dancers who really want to learn new choreography and perform various times throughout the year!

Ok, cool! How does it work?

Dancers who are interested in being on team will need to audition for the 2021-2022 dance season. If they are chosen to be on team, they will either be on junior or senior team based on several factors: ability, age, commitment level & work ethic. Teams will meet once a week for 45 minutes.

Team classes are choreography-based classes that will explore ALL styles of dance offered at Ohana, at the team directors discretion. The team classes will not do extensive warm-ups, strength training, across the floor work, or technique exercises. The other classes that dancers partake in (Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, etc.) will focus on all of the above mentioned items. The team class is specifically for working on choreography for ADDITIONAL routines performed only by Team dancers. There will be different pieces performed at our charity show AND our recitals, and the possibility of different additional routines throughout the year. Routines will explore a different style of dance in each routine, or multiple styles in one routine. Dancers will have the most benefit by taking more than the required two extra classes! The style of each routine will be determined by the Team Director. 

What's required by the dancer?

1) In addition to your specfic team class, team dancers are required to take AT LEAST 2 dance classes, one of which must be ballet. (Contemporary is NOT a substitute for ballet!)

2) Dancers are allowed 3 excused absences (illness, family emergency, family vacations) throughout the ENTIRE YEAR. Other extra-curricular events are not eligible to be considered as “excused” absence. Being a team member requires a certain level of commitment to dance, and you will be asked to sign a contract accepting this requirement.

What are the age requirements?

There is no specific age requirement! All dancers between ages 7 - 18 may be on team. Placement on a team will be determined by ability level first, age second. Approximate age groups are:

JUNIOR TEAM - Age 7-12

SENIOR TEAM - Age 13-18

Gotcha! What is the cost?

Performance team will be a 45 minute class, one day a week. It will be factored into your tuition just as any other class would. It follows the same discount for added classes.
For the minimum classes needed to participate in team (1 Team, 1 Ballet, 1 Style of Choice), tuition per month is $150.