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Ashley Kohl - Ohana School of Performing Arts


Friday, January 12 - Saturday, January 13
Time: 5:30pm - 9:30am 
Location: Ohana School of Performing Arts
Cost: Sleepover (5:30pm-9:30am) = $25

Join us at Ohana's 2018 Celebration dance party celebration for kids of all ages! Dance party, games, bonding, and kicking off 2018 with friendship and Ohana! For all our guests, dinner and snacks will be served at 6:30. We'll also provide lots of munchies and snack food to eat. Breakfast will be served in the morning! Sign up on our below!

All are welcome to spend the first sleep of 2018 at Ohana!

- Kids 7 and over can be dropped off without an adult present


What to Bring: - Pillows, blankets, overnight bag, air mattress (optional), toothbrush, pajamas, good vibes and smiles!

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