Shoes & Tights for All Classes!

Schedule of classes and their time slots listed below!

Where can I purchase my child's shoes and tights?

Tights can be ordered at Ohana! Our community partner for all things dance is Maryann's Dance & More in Easthampton! We have order forms in the waiting rooms at the studio, or you may purchase tights at Maryann's directly or any dance supply store. Please check with your instructor before opening tights from other sources! The last day for ordering tights is May 1!


If you are looking for shoes, you may purchase them at Maryann's Dance & More in Easthampton or Fancy Feet in Ludlow (if you'd like to try them on!). You may also purchase them online from places like Amazon, Discount Dance, Capezio, or Bloch, among others. If you are having trouble finding the correct shoes, please contact us! 

Questions? Conflicts? Praise? High fives? Email us ASAP!

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