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Ohana’s 2020-2021 Safety Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will I be able to enter the building during my child’s classes?”

If you have a child(ren) ages 6 and under, 1 guardian may enter the building with them. Dancers age 7 and older will get dropped off at Ohana’s front entrance: no guardians will be allowed to enter with these dancers.

“I have a child(ren) ages 6 or under, and they have siblings. Can I bring siblings into the bulding with us? Can 2 or more guardians enter the building per child?”

No more than one guardian per dancer. We ask that families take every measure to leave siblings at home if possible.


“How will Ohana monitor who is picking up my child (age 7 and older) from the studio?”

For dancers age 7 or older, please be sure the studio has the contact info of whoever is bringing your dancer to class each night in case we need to get a hold of them while the dancers are in class.


“Who will be at the entrance and exit doors of Ohana to monitor drop off and pick up?”

Ohana staff will ensure that all dancers exit out of the building through our back door. All dancers (with the exception of under age 6 and teen classes) will meet approved adults for pick up.


“When I arrive to pick up my child at Ohana, what is the next step?”

Once you are parked, please walk to physically pick up your child at the back door to the studio. Please be prompt in picking up your dancer.  


“Are you limiting class sizes and adjusting teaching styles to encourage safe distancing?”

Class sizes have been reduced and dance spaces have been marked to clearly indicate 6 feet of distance from other dancers during class. Instructors have been trained and are prepared to conduct classes to allow for physical distancing.


“Are masks required?”

Any person entering the building must wear a mask at all times. Dancers of all ages & instructors must wear masks during class until further notice.


“What is Ohana’s disinfecting and cleaning schedule?”

Surface Cleaning: Between every class, we will wipe down frequently touched surfaces and equipment such as handrails, doorknobs, bathroom door locks, sink handles, etc. Dance studio floors, ballet barres & tumbling mats will be sanitized between each class. All waiting room furniture will be disinfected every hour. All touch points will be disinfected every hour.


“What products and equipment is Ohana using to disinfect the space?”

Disinfectant Spray: SSS® Disinfectant Deodorant - 16.5 oz. Aerosol

Electrostatic Sprayer for dance floors & surfaces: Electro Force 2

Disinfectant for Electro Force 2: SmartTouch Vital Oxide Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes: Everwipe Disinfectant Wipes


“What is Ohanas plan if the studio is forced to close down per state or federal guidelines?”

If we are unable to hold in-person classes, Ohana will continue operation by having virtual, live zoom classes. Classes will be 40-45 minutes in length, providing that attendance is 6 or more students. (3-5 students will have a 30 minute class & 1-2 students will have a 20 minute class) Class will follow the same structure as in-person classes.


“What happens if someone who has been at Ohana tests positive for COVID-19?”

Should Ohana become aware of any positive cases, all current students, staff and teachers will be notified via email as soon as possible. Should this occur, Ohana will take all necessary steps to properly close off, disinfect, and clear any studio or area needed. The studio will be thoroughly disinfected prior to reopening.  


Should the need arise, any classes affected may move to virtual Live ZOOM classes until the studio is cleared for classes to resume. There will be no refunds for classes that are required to move to ZOOM.  


If your dancer is showing any signs/symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone who is showing signs/symptoms, please notify us right away by emailing Dancer must stay home for 14 days unless test results come back negative.

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