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Registration for our 2023-2024
is  open!

Our goal is for each dancer to find their "home" in classes best suited to their interests, level, and most importantly, their happiness! If there's a class you're interested in, but don't fall in the age category, please contact Ohana! We are happy to discuss your dancers options to find the best fit!
*Annual membership fee plus first month tuition is due upon registration and is non-refundable.  This is in an effort to be sure that each spot taken in a class is paid for to hold their place in the class. 


LEVEL 1 - Age 4-6 

LEVEL 2 - Age 7-9 

LEVEL 3 - Age 10-12

LEVEL 4 - Age 13+ Intermediate

LEVEL 5* - Age 13+ Advanced


*Evaluation only classes 


Dancers will be placed in classes based on their age at the beginning of the dance season. Dancers will be evaluated during the first few weeks of classes to determine the correct placement for their level. The ages are only a guideline, as dancers can be moved up or down depending on their ability level.

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Dance Studio Pro

At Ohana, we use a studio management software program called Dance Studio Pro for registration, online payments, email notices, and MORE! DSP keeps Ohana and all parents/guardians up-to-date with happenings at the studio! In short... it ROCKS!

Start by creating an account for your dancer on DSP and follow the instructions listed below:

Before you start: Remember, the dancer's parent or guardian MUST be the one creating the account! Unless the dancer is above 18 years of age.... then you create an account for yourself! 

1. Please head on over to Dance Studio Pro!

1.  If you have not danced at Ohana before (Hello! Nice to meet you!!), and therefore have not created an account, you must create one on Dance Studio Pro! *If you are a returning Ohana dancer (Hey there! So glad you're back!), you may skip this step and go right to #3!

If you are new to Ohana, click "Create Account". If you are a returning dancer, sign into your account! (And skip to step #4!)

2. If you are new, please enter your last name (to make sure you don't already have an account!), and then follow the steps to create an account! *If you are a former student or a fitness participant, you have an account!

3. Once you have logged in / created an account, click "Get Started Now!"

4. Hello new families! Once you're in, click on "Add Student" and enter your dancer's last name & date of birth. Their birthday is EXTREMELY important! Please don't forget to input this!

5. Hit "Find my Student". When you find your student, click on their name! Repeat if you have multiple dancers in your family!

6. Click on each dancer's name & fill out any missing information (gender, medications, special needs, allergies, and permissions!) and click "Save Changes".

7. Click on "Register for Classes". Select classes in which you'd like to enroll your dance. All set? Click "Enroll Now!"

8. Each student is required to pay a $25 registration fee (or $50 total for a family). You will be prompted to do this upon registration! You will also be required to pay first month's tuition for ALL classes you are registering for.
You have a few options to do this:

- If you're paying the annual registration fee ONLINE, click "Finish Now" and enter your payment information. You have successfully enrolled your dancer!

- You may pay your registration fee & first month tuition by check mailed to the studio as well. Once registration has been paid, you dancer is then officially enrolled. PLEASE NOTE: YOU CANNOT SIGN UP FOR CLASSES UNTIL YOU'VE PAID REGISTRATION FEE & FIRST MONTH TUITION.

9. Going forward, you may pay by cash, check, or credit card for classes. All credit card transactions MUST be paid via Dance Studio Pro by the 5th of each month, or else a $10 late fee will apply (and another $5 late fee after the 10th of the month). 

10. You may pay for the entire year's tuition in FULL by July 31st, 2023 and receive a pre-payment discount of 5%!
*Cannot be combined with other discounts) Please email us here to inquire about details & set up!

THANK YOU for signing up for classes at Ohana! We are looking forward to another WONDERFUL season of dance, friendship, and good vibes - we can't wait for it to start! If you have any questions, concerns, special needs, or issues working with Dance Studio Pro, please contact us! We will be able to assist you in regards to the software and registering.
                              Welcome to Our Ohana!

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