Picture Day: Saturday, June 1!

Schedule of classes and their time slots listed below!

"Ok... What is Picture Day?"

I'm so glad you asked, awesome Ohana loved-one! Every year in June we host our Picture Day at Ohana: all dancers classes come to the studio in full costume, hair, & make up to take a group picture, which you have the option to purchase. You are not obligated to purchase the photos! (It's similar to school photos) Yes, this includes even our Adult classes, our opening number, little ones... everybody! Your class is given a 15 minute time slot. At Picture Day you also have the option to purchase individual photos of your dancer (or small groups / siblings / etc.)! These photos will be taken immediately after the class group photo. After your class(es) is done.. you're free to leave! Easy as that.

"Is this mandatory? What do I have to wear?"

We appreciate our dancers making every effort to attend picture day! We consider all our dancers and class as a part of a team, and it's important to be there for the rest of your class! If you have a pre-existing conflict with the time of your photo, please let us know ASAP (you can email us below!) and we will do our best to accommodate. If you are unable to make picture day, please email us and let your instructor know! As always, we are so grateful to everyone that makes an effort to attend!

Please arrive a 5-10 minutes before your schedule time! When everyone is on time, we can run as scheduled! Be dressed exactly as you would for the recital: full costume (all hair pieces & accessories, too!), hair done to the specifications given by your instructor (no unkempt messy buns / unbrushed hair! Parents will be asked to re-do their dancers hair & class photos will be put on hold... not fun!) and stage makeup. For young children, complimentary brown eye shadow, blush, and lipstick works fine! This gives dimension to their face in the bright lights!

"How/where/when can I purchase photos?"

Woop woop! You will love seeing your dancer's happy face in their photos! ALL purchasing of photos will be done on the day of the photos! The awesome company we use sets up a table in the downstairs studio with order forms, examples of fun items you can personalize & buy, and can answer all questions! They handle payment, you do not have to pre-order anything! We can answer basic questions for you beforehand, but they will be the best source.

Questions? Conflicts? Praise? High fives? Email us ASAP!


This is the 2019 schedule of classes & their time slots! Please email us ASAP with any conflicts. It is subject to change if necessary. The final version will be confirmed in May.

Viewing on mobile? To make it easy, search for your child's routine name or class name in the search box! Viewing on desktop or laptop will show the entire chart.

Questions? Conflicts? Praise? High fives? Email us ASAP!

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