Parents Dance 2019!

Who’s ready to strut their stuff in our 2019 Recital?! We are looking for all of our fantastic folks (No experience required! No audition of any kind required! All are WELCOME!) to join us for a parents / loved ones dance to be performed in our 2019 Recital. This was a HIT the past two years, and we want to top the awesome! This routine is open to Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, Brothers & Sisters, etc.: Any parent-like adult that your child loves & wants to perform with! Best part?! Your dancer will be performing WITH you!


Ashley & Loryn will be choreographing the routine & will send all folks who sign up an email with the choreography! We will break down all the steps for you to be able to practice at home!

When do rehearsals begin?


In-person rehearsals will begin in May. You are not required to come to all rehearsals: they are for YOU to practice and ask questions. If you can learn it at home, fantastic! We suggest coming to as many as you can so we can all practice together! The choreography will be simple (we PROMISE!), you'll be on the stage with all the other folks, and you can learn the moves at home with your child! 

How many shows are there?

We ask that every adult/child duo performs in as many of the 4 shows as they can, but at LEAST one show! It is a special routine we provide to our Ohana to celebrate our most valued treasure: FAMILY! 

Does it cost anything to participate?

NEW as of May 2019! No, it does not cost anything to perform in the Parents Dance! We decided to forgoe the special shirts to cut costs for families. The rehearsals are complimentary, courtesy of Ohana! 

Register for our 2019 Parents* Dance!

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