Online Private Classes!

Why would an online private lesson be good for me / my dancer?

  • If your dancer has questions unanswerable via email

  • If your dancer would like to perform the routine & get feedback from their instructor

  • If your dancer needs to go over a certain part of the routine or a certain move more in depth

  • If your dancer wants to work on specific skills, not related to their recital routine

Online private lessons are NOT...

  • Time for your child's instructor to teach them the entire routine. The videos are available for dancers to learn & watch as many times as they'd like. Private lessons are for refining & asking questions! Thank you for being respectful of the instructors time :)

Details regarding private lessons:

  • Yes, all lessons are LIVE on Zoom. You'll be working in real time with the instructor!

  • Lessons are 20 minutes long. Yes, this is the only time allotment available!

  • 20 minute private lessons are for (1) dancer and are $30 each.

  • 20 minute private lessons for (2) dancers are $25 per dancer.

  • Maximum of 2 dancers are able to be on an online private Zoom lesson.

  • All lessons are ONLINE through Zoom.

  • Payment must be made online through Dance Studio Pro 24 hours prior to the lesson, else the lesson will be cancelled.

  • If the dancer cancels, payment is non-refundable. 

  • ALL LESSONS are subject to your instructor's availability. Interest does not guarantee a lesson is available. 

  • A dancer may only book 1 lesson per instructor at a time. An additional lesson may be booked, if instructor is available, after the 1st lesson is completed. 

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