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Ohana’s Assistant Teacher Program


Our Peer Leader / Teacher Assistant Program is for dancers interested in assisting with our younger dance classes. This opportunity is perfect for students who are looking to hold more of a leadership role around the studio, who would like more responsibility, and work towards becoming a dancer instructor. 

Assistants & Peer Leaders are SUCH an important part of our program.  They help with the flow of the dance class, assist students when needed, bring children to the restroom if a parent is not present in the waiting room, help guide students during class, give fun reinforcements of correct dance steps and offer a role model for younger students.  They often help hand out props and rewards such as stickers or prizes at the end of class. They must provide any other additional assistance that helps with the dance class. 

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The Responsibilities and
Expectations for an Assistant / Peer Leader

The responsibilities and tasks left to assistants may differ from teacher to teacher. However, the following are some general duties that you might expect or that may fall to you should you take on the role of an assistant in a dance class.

  • Always uphold the Ohana Mantra: Be kind, spread good vibes and support others, always!

  •   Arrive at the studio with a pleasant attitude and show enthusiasm in the classroom. Arrive to class 5-10 minutes early to assist with class setup. 

  •  Teacher Assistants should love being with kids and must love dance.  It has been our experience that children love their assistant and look up to them with admiration.

  • Take initiative! Don’t be afraid to step in and help out in all situations. 

    • Help children during shoe changes, bathroom or water breaks

    • Hand out props or set up items to be used in class

    • Keep an eye out for potential hazards like untied shoelaces or poor spacing/awareness while children are dancing

    • Keep students on task and focused

    • Help to line up students and to keep them in line

    • Help with attendance/roll-taking

  • Walk among the students as your teacher leads the class:

    • Making corrections,

    • Assisting a struggling dancer

    • Correcting students who are misbehaving or not following instructions.

  • Ask the instructor how you can be more helpful as an assistant in the classroom.

  • Lead certain warm-ups or exercises while your teacher:

    • Handles the above tasks

    • Steps out for a moment

    • Handles a more severe discipline issue

    • Observes you in order to give some tips

  • Show confidence when you are assisting/demonstrating and take pride in what you do.

  • You must wear proper dance clothes.  You must have the appropriate shoes for the technique you are assisting. 

  •   Always show positive reinforcement! “You can do it!”, “Keep trying!”, “You are doing such a great job!”

  •  Set a positive example. You are a role model for all of your students!

  • Compensation for assisting is based on the number of classes you assist per month. Peer mentors / first year assistants are in the training program and will not be compensated.

  •  You are required to notify the front desk of any class changes/subs by emailing You can also leave a note at the front desk for Laura. 

  •   If you are unable to assist on a certain day due to a schedule conflict, you must try to find someone to sub your shift. If you are unable to find someone, you must notify the instructor & studio director as soon as possible. 

  •  Social Media: you are a representative of Ohana and its values, whether you are at the studio or at home. Please be sure that anything you post online is ALWAYS kind, positive, appropriate and upholds the Ohana mantra.

  • Studio duties: as a staff member at Ohana, you have a responsibility to take care of the space we call home. Please take out trash if it’s full, vacuum, sweep, and notify an instructor if you see anything that needs attention!

  • The kitchen space will not be available to assistants. If you need anything, please ask an instructor.


Peer leaders must be at least 11 years of age. 

Teaching Assistants must be at least 13 years of age.

Peer leaders / first year assistants are in the learning stages of how the classes are run and are learning what is expected of them.  In this apprentice situation, the student will only be expected to help with a minimum of one class per week and no monetary compensation is given.


Peer leaders will receive compensation when they become an assistant at age 13.
Assistants that have completed a full year of training will then be paid. 
Students are expected to fill out time sheets once a month in order to receive payment,
which is given as credit on the student’s account. 
The amount an assistant will be paid will be determined by their age and
level of help that they have provided in previous years.


Additional Notes 

  1. There are a limited amount of openings for assistants each year.  There are many variables that go into the placement and scheduling of assistants.  We will connect with you during the summer months, if you have been selected.  

2. The opportunity to serve as a Dance Teaching Assistant is not only a great honor and responsibility, but also an invaluable learning experience that may result in future work references and teaching opportunities. Dance Teaching Assistants represent Ohana School of Performing Arts and must be exemplary students and volunteers. Any misconduct, poor behavior, poor sportsmanship, disrespect of fellow dancers/instructors in the classroom or at performance/events will result in an immediate termination of position.

3. All NEW peer leaders / assistants must begin the program as a volunteer. All assistants will be evaluated and assessed by the director and instructor periodically. Schedules are subject to change throughout the program year based on class enrollment.

Compensation for Teacher Assistants / Peer Leaders

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