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Offset the cost of recital tickets with our Calendar Fundraiser!

We want all of our dancers to be able to invite as many friends and family as they'd like to watch them perform! This fundraiser will allow everyone to raise money to off-set the costs of tickets. The more calendars you're able to sell, the more money you can put towards tickets!

- This fundraiser is NOT mandatory! -

Participation in this fundraiser is not mandatory! We simply offer the option to help cover the costs of admission to our show to all our dancers' families. If you'd rather not participate, that's totally fine! The price of tickets will stay the same: make sure to grab yours during our pre-sale! (May 15 - May 27)

Are you able to donate a raffle prize?

This fundraiser wouldn't be successful without awesome supporters and sponsors. We would be happy to accept a donation of a raffle prize for one of the days in April! Thank you for your support!

How does it work?

Every day is a chance to win a prize!

During the month of May 2017, each person who purchases a calendar has a chance to win a prize! Prizes will vary from restaurant gift cards, to free services, to physical items! When someone purchases a calendar, their name must be recorded at the bottom of the calendar in the "tear-off" portion. When the money and the "tear-off" portion are given back to Ohana,  the number of that calendar is entered in the drawing. Each day, a number is drawn to pick a winner! A person can buy multiple calendars to have multiple chances at winning. We will call that person to let them know they won, and work out a time to deliver their prize! Sounds awesome, right?

How can I participate?

1. Sign Up at the Studio!

In each waiting room, there is a sign up sheet for our Calendar Fundraiser. Please write down your name! This way, we know how many calendars to get printed. We will have a very limited amount of extras! 

Each participant will receive 5 calendars! (By selling all 5, you will cover the cost of 1 ticket!) If you anticipate needing more than 5, please write that on the sign up sheet!

2. Sell Calendars!

Calendars are $10 each! (There is no limit as to how many calendars a person can purchase, and no limit to how many calendars a dancer can sell!) When a winner is chosen, the ticket will be put back into the drawing for subsequent days - each person has the potential to win more than once!

3. Return $$ and "tear-off" portions back to Ohana!

All "tear-off" portions of the calendar and the money MUST be turned into Ohana no later than Thursday, March 30! 


When a calendar is sold, please print clearly the person's name, email, and phone number as well as the name of the Ohana dancer who sold the calendar at the bottom "tear-off" portion.

Cut off the bottom portion of the calendar and return that and the payment to Ohana! 

4. Earn credit for tickets!

For each calendar a dancer sells, they will earn $5 to be put towards ticket sales for the recital - any show date of their choice!

5. Cheer for your friends - win prizes!

Beginning on Saturday, April 1, we will draw 1 lucky winner each day of the month! The winners will be notified though email and/or phone we’ll arrange for the prizes to be delivered by the student who sold the winning calendar that day. Remember, winning prize tickets will be put back into the basket for each following drawing so be sure to tell purchasers they have the potential to win more than just once!

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