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Dress Rehearsal: Friday, June 21 @ 5:00pm!

Line up for this show is below!

ALL CLASSES are to attend Dress Rehearsal!

Yes, each and every class performing in ANY of our shows are to attend dress rehearsal on Friday! We need to have a practice run before the big shows! It is a FULL dress rehearsal, as in: FULL makeup & hair, costume, tights... the whole she-bang! Whatever you'd wear & dress in the show is what we wear & dress in the Dress Rehearsal!

Please arrive NO LATER than 4:45pm! We are starting with the Grand Finale in which EVERYONE participates at the end of each show! We start with this so that after your dancer has performed, you can leave if you'd like!

We are allowing each dancer to bring 1 parent or guardian with them! We are NOT selling any additional tickets to this show. It will take a bit longer as we are working on lighting, sound, and props for the show! Thank you for your understanding!

Please email us if you have any comments, questions, or concerns!


Dress Rehearsal Lineup


2. Lion Sleeps Tonight

3. Rockin’ Robin

4. King of Pop

5. Tribe

6. He‘s A Pirate

7. I See A Princess

8. Pumpin’ Up The Party

9. Bills

10. Gimme That Funk

11. Krazy

12. River

13. Skyscraper

14. Pointe

15. Shake Your Booty

16. The Lion King

17. Castle

18. Hollywood Dream

19. Emergency

20. Wonderful World

21. Almost There

22. Fire Under Feet

23. Janet Tribute

24. Dream

25. Zombieland

26. Surf’s Up

27. It’s Goin’ Down

28. Bring ‘Em Out

29. The Chain

30. Proud Mary

31. Skyscraper

32. Friend Like Me

33. Heirlooms

34. Ballet Suite

35. Inside Out

36. Stand In the Light

37. Pon De Replay

38. Brighter Than Sun

39. How We Party

40. Moana

41. Umbrella

42. Bellydance

43. Dig A Little Deeper

44. Wings

45. Rise

46. Sweet Nothing

47. Rainbow

48. Hollywood Wiz

49. Come Alive

Questions? Conflicts? Praise? High fives? Email us ASAP!

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