Offset the cost of your dancer(s) performance pack fee and tickets for our
2022 Recital by selling DoubleGood Popcorn!

This fundraiser is NOT mandatory! It is optional, but sure does help with performance costs!
Interested in participating? Awesome! 

Download the Double Good App.
Enter event code KII RWT .
Create your own pop-up store! Share link with family & friends.
The fundraiser begins on Monday, April 11th at 5PM and
goes until Friday, April 15th at 5PM. You will have 4 days to sell.
The fundraiser will close on Friday April 15th at 5PM

All items will be shipped DIRECTLY to customers!

Why "Double Good"?
DoubleGood is gourmet popcorn with a purpose!
Each of their 16 unique flavors is handcrafted in small batches and full of big flavor.  This company does so much good for the community: it tastes good AND feels good to work with Double Good!

"How much do I earn?"
Your dancer earns 50% of the sales!
You heard that right! An even 50% of the sales goes right back to YOUR DANCER! If you sell $50 worth of popcorn, your dancer gets a $25 credit on their DSP account! If you sell $300 worth of popcorn? That's right... you earn $150! It's amazing! 

"How will I receive the $$?"
On your dance studio pro account!
Once the fundraiser is finalized, all credit will be applied to dancers' accounts at the  beginning of May to be used towards performance pack fees / show tickets!