Offset the cost of your costumes for our 2020 Recital by selling DoubleGood Popcorn!

This fundraiser is NOT mandatory! It is optional, but sure does help with the costume costs that are due in January 15! If you are interested in participating? Awesome! Order forms are available at the front desk for anyone who'd like to participate! Available while supplies last, please ensure you grab one ASAP!

Order forms will be available for pick-up beginning on Monday 10/7.

All order forms must be received by Friday, 11/1 with payment in full.

Please make one check payable to "Ohana"!

All orders will be shipped directly to Ohana & will be available for pick-up by families around Thanksgiving!

Why "Double Good"?

DoubleGood is gourmet popcorn with a purpose!

Each of their 16 unique flavors is handcrafted in small batches and full of big flavor. YES, both Ashley & Loryn have tried this poporn and it's YUMMY! This company does so much good for the community: it tastes good AND feels good to work with Double Good!

"How much do I earn?"

Your dancer earns 50% of the sales!

You heard that right! An even 50% of the sales goes right back to YOUR DANCER! If you sell $50 worth of popcorn, your dancer gets a $25 credit on their DSP account! If you sell $300 worth of popcorn? That's right... you earn $150! It's amazing! 

"How will I receive the $$?"

On your dance studio pro account!

This is IMPORTANT: the fundraising families gives a check for the ENTIRE amount to Ohana. Please make all checks payable to Ohana! In November, you will be emailed with the amount of $$ that your family earned (though you can also do the math: it's an easy 50%!) which will be applied to your dancers Dance Studio Pro account(s) in December. This revenue will be used towards costume deposits, and any amount leftover will be applied to tuition. If you have more than 1 child, you only need 1 form: we can apply the funds evenly to both or all accounts! 

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