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Ohana strives to offer the most comprehensive dance education with a variety of classes, styles, and elite faculty. If you have any further questions about our offerings, seek additional information regarding class styles, or would like advice as to which classes to register for, please contact us!






4-6 JAZZ/ACRO & 7-9 ACRO

Students will learn tumbling, flexibility, muscle control, concentration, and balance skills, with an emphasis on the fundamentals of acrobatics that enhance other dance techniques! From backbends, somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, & handsprings, dancers will be challenged to improve their flexibility.

10+ ACRO

Students in this class have experience acrobatic arts, acrobatic dance, and/or gymnastics prior to enrollment. They will be challenged based on their level of experiece. Improvement on flexibilty will be required throughout the year as well as difficulty of tricks & strength training! 



Ballet is the foundation for many other forms of dance and cross-training. From ballet basics at the barre, to phrases across the floor as well as combinations in the center, this class will give dancers a well-rounded background in ballet. It builds long and lean muscles and instills incredible etiquette in young girls. Your child will increases their flexibility and range of motion in this class. Other benefits include: poise and confidence, Improves posture, Enhances concentration, coordination, and focus, Relieves stress/emotional outlet for expression


(Ages 3-5) This class focuses on ballet basics as well as creative movement and musical rhythms. We'll experience the joy of movement while your child learns and dances a different Fairytale Ballet each week. Fairy/Princess costumes are encouraged!


For little ones who have dreams of dancing ballet! This class will introduce students to ballet in a fun yet structured setting! Similar to our creative moment classes, this class focuses on social skills, cooperation, and the joy of dance and music, while specifically incorporating ballet terminology and movement! We encourage all dancers to foster their creativity and personal expression. Terminology in this class are catered to their age group for budding ballerinas.


This classical dance form is the foundation for all forms of dance! Dancers in this age category will learn the basics, and focus on developing their turn out, discipline, poise, balance, grace, coordination, musicality, and confidence! Classes will move from the barre, to center work, to across the floor work. in addition to basic steps, students will learn body alignment, placement, balance, and elegance. 


*Evaluation Required. Dancers in this class will be evaluated by the Creative Director & Ballet staff. Ages 5-7. This class is best suited for dancers with prior ballet experience & for the serious dancers who want to be challenged. Will be working on advanced techniques for their age. 


At this stage, special attention will be paid to proper execution of skills and muscular development off all our ballet dancers. Terminology will be emphasized and utilized in each class. The knowledge, exercises, and technique used in each class will be utilized in all other forms of dance the student engages in. If applicable, we will work with students who decide to plan for pointe shoes. We will work on strengthening their feet, ankles, and core, along with proper body alignment.


*Evaluation Required. Dancers in this class will be evaluated by the Creative Director & Ballet staff. Must have prior experience in Ballet, a strong work ethic, and desire for a challenge. Students in this class will be working on advanced ballet techniques and movement, most suited for the serious dancer and/or those who aim to work professionally or teach. 


*Evaluation Required. Dancers in this class will be evaluated by the Creative Director & Ballet staff. While working with pointe shoes, students will move through basic across the floor and barre work, and be taught more complicated technique as they progress. All students in Pointe must exhibit adequate strength, stamina and skill to properly execute their moves throughout the program. 

Belly Dancing



(Ages 14+) Bellydance is open to all age groups, genders, sexual orientation, etc. Bellydancing is one of the oldest dance forms in the world. Aralia will lead dancers in this body-positive class in the basic movements of this enchanting and super fun dance. Dancers will learn foundational movements, beginner choreography, and simple drills to practice at home.

Miss Aralia Pearl is currently on maternity leave! Her class will be on our schedule in Winter 2019

Creative Movement


(Ages 2.9-5) This is the perfect class for your young little dancer! We focus on creative movement which builds on the necessary gross motor skills needed for primary dance instruction. This class will also focus on basic skills such as turn taking, positivity toward peers and socialization. We use fun, upbeat music to learn basic skills like hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, and balance coordination. Students will explore a variety of movement styles, and also practice tumbling exercises such as spider walks, crab walks, log rolls and somersaults. From obstacle courses, trampolines, balance beam exercises, parachute games and more, your young dancer will use a variety of props and songs to explore how their bodies move!

Creative Movement II - see KinderDance!


Because EVERYONE deserves a chance to dance! Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is a specialized, but inclusive, dance class for people with individual learning differences and other special needs. Based on the Hip Hop Made Easy Program (currently offered in 2000+ schools & dance studios worldwide), RWID classes use rhythm and hip hop dance to assist in achieving goals across the 5 developmental domains. Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is an inclusive class that focuses on skill development, self empowerment, and celebrating our differences!



Contemporary dance developed during the middle of the twentieth century and is now one of the dominating performance genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. It uses elements from many forms of dance such as ballet, jazz, and lyrical to name a few. Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation and dancers focus on floor work and body isolations. It’s all about the body’s natural lines and energy. One of the attributes that attracts dancers to this genre of dance is its use of not only many styles of dance, but also variety of music.

7-9 / 10-12 CONTEMPORARY

Students will learn the foundations of contemporary dance! Contemporary is an expressive variation of jazz and ballet dance that has been developed in the recent decades. This style is incredibly interpretive, and each choreographer and instructor brings their own, unique flavor to their classes. Students will be introduced to body contractions, flexed feet, off center body shapes, and intricate floor work. They will move through their own personal expression! They will incorporate ballet techniques while focusing on the personal voice of each dancer. All will strive to connect their mind and body through fluid dance movements.


This class can be an introduction or a progession to Contemporary dance! This class is a style of expressive dance that combines techniques from modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. Dancers will work on versatility and musicality through her choreography, striving to have a mind/body connection through the fluidity of their movements. 


*Evaluation Required. Dancers in this class will be evaluated by the Creative Director & Contemporary staff. Prior training in contemporary dance is suggested, though not required. Dancers will be taught the foundation of contemporary movement, but also challenged to dance from the heart as much as with their body. Musicality & connection with the story of each piece is vital. Open your mind, body, & soul to this beautiful form of dance!


Hip Hop


This free form, energetic, vibrant style of dance will expose dancers to a wide range of moments and style! Our classes will incorporate variations of jazz, popping, locking, krumping, as well as help students build strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. All students are encouraged to express themselves! It’s a high energy, fun, intense form of dance that is sure to put smiles on everyones faces!

Learn the latest new moves like seen on awards shows, popular reality shows, current music videos, and L.A.'s coolest street style dance. Learn musicality, rhythm and beats to execute sharp, hard-hitting movement. Students will have a blast dancing to some of the greatest music and choreography of all time. This is a fun and lively class! It’s also a great dance class for boys and girls that really helps boost confidence!

7-9 / 10-12 HIP HOP
This class explores the basic movements of free-style hip hop dance culture! Here dancers continue to develop rhythm, following choreography, body control, and performance skills such as acting, stage presence, and improvisation. As the students progress, they will learn complicated hip hop techniques such as isolations, body control, bounces, rocks, & digs in order to establish various grooves and rhythm patterns. 

Advanced hip hop students will incorporate concepts that include character play, rhythms, shapes, levels, and transitions in order to give more dimension and variation to classic hip hop movements. This style is thrilling, energetic, and adventurous with athletic movements tossed in! Classes will explore all forms of hip hop, including ones you might see on popular TV shows! If your dancer is looking to groove, this is the class for them!

Whether you’re looking to pick up a few moves, expand on your dance training, get some exercise, meet new people, or just have a lot of FUN, our Adult Hip Hop class has got it all! We start each class with a warm-up of free-styling, stretching, and conditioning that’s guaranteed to get your heart pounding. Students will more into learning choreography that’s set to groove-worthy jams spanning all decades of music! We’ll introduce new school and old school hip hop, touches of latin, african, modern, and swing dance. This class will challenge seasoned dancers to beginners, but with the priority being that everyone has a great time! Warning: this class is known to induce the best of friendships, giddyness, and a whole lot of FUN! You’ll be having such a good time, you won’t even realize you’re breaking a sweat!



Jazz dance is an ever-evolving form of dance that is full of rhythm, syncopation, and life! Anything is possible in Jazz! Dancers will learn combinations in many variations of jazz, and experience stretching, barre and across the floor work. Individual expression and interpretation is encouraged, as well as the development of personal style. Students will be dancing to everything from the classical jazz of yesterday to the music of today!

4-6 JAZZ

Beginning jazz dancers will focus on learning basic steps of the style! They will start with an instructor-led stretch, followed by across the floor work. Emphasis will be placed on learning to move from one step to the other, basic isolations of the body, and simple footwork to the correct timing. 

7-9 / 10-12 JAZZ

As jazz dancers evolve in this style, they will focus on counting steps, timing, changing directions, spotting while turning, body alignment, contractions, and isolations. This class relies on the student’s classical training, yet will push them to a higher level of creative expression through up-tempo movements and tricks, leaps, and turns catered to their level! The music will be engaging and entertaining! Students will be taught the basics of turns and leaps with a focus on proper technique. 


This specialized style of jazz is perfect for dancers who have energy for the STAGE! Each class will begin with a standard jazz stretching and conditioning portion and progressions working on traditional jazz technique. Emphasis on BROADWAY will be in the end-of-class choreography routine where dancers will explore different broadway musicals, their stories, and choreography unique to each show! 


Dancers will begin to work on more complicated movements & increase their flexibilty & versatility. We will use previously learned knowledge of technique to incorporate challenging formations & footwork! More focus will be put on learning leaps, turns & jumps. This is a great class for a dancer learning Jazz dance as a teen or to build upon a set foundation.


*Evaluation Required. Dancers in this class will be evaluated by the Creative Director & Jazz staff.  Students at this higher level of jazz training will focus on more complex choreography and combinations. Students will enjoy broadening their technique, especially in advanced leaps, turns, and jumps in diverse dance styles! Dancers will enjoy a thorough warmup of jazz techniques, learning combinations and practicing steps across the floor. Classes will conclude a combination exploring the many variations of jazz dance!


This class is PERFECT for you if you are looking to expand on your dance training, get some exercise, meet new people and have fun! Each class begins with stretching and conditioning to improve our flexibility. All forms of jazz dance choreography will be explored, from classic jazz to broadway and beyond! 

Musical Theater


Similar to the exercises we performed in Broadway Bound Camp! All dancers will work to create their OWN musical theatre routines using acting, singing, and dancing! In this class students will use basic skills from ballet, jazz and spoken instrumentation to create Broadway-themed musical routines. Theatrical vocabulary, improvisation, acting, audition techniques and singing will also be covered in this high energy, performance-based class. This class is ideal for any young artist that dreams of a professional performing career or a dancer just looking to have some fun!

Parent & Pookie


(18 Months - 2.5) Build an appreciation for music & movement with your child! Activities include obstacle courses, trampolines, balance beam exercises, creative play, group songs, beanbag fun, parachute activities, and much, much more!! You and your child will explore musical movement in an environment designed to promote the fundamentals of music appreciation and dance fitness.

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance


RHYTHM WORKS Integrative Dance

Because EVERYONE deserves a chance to dance! Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is a specialized, but inclusive, dance class for people with individual learning differences and other special needs. Based on the Hip Hop Made Easy Program (currently offered in 2000+ schools & dance studios worldwide), RWID classes use rhythm and hip hop dance to assist in achieving goals across the 5 developmental domains. Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is an inclusive class that focuses on skill development, self empowerment, and celebrating our differences!



Every day we're shuffling! Tap is one of the oldest, most beloved forms of American dancing - distinguished by it's percussive footwork and it's reputation for being an exhilarating, vibrant, joyful form of dance that is a ton of FUN! Transform your body into a percussion instrument! Dancers will not only learn to find rhythms and beats in the music, but in their own bodies. All levels of dancers will build flexibility in their ankles in knees, develop hand-eye-foot coordination, and increase speed of movement. 

4-6 TAP

Dancers will study rhythm, coordination, musicality, basic tap terminology and basic tap choreography, with an emphasis on repetition and building clarity in their steps! We not only encourage proper tap technique and the production of clear tap sounds, but the FUN of tap dancing and the enjoyment of making noise! Dancers will also work on classroom skills including following directions, listening, working with others, and encouraging their classmates! Routines focus on broadway-style performances to encourage imagination and joy!

7-9 / 10-12 TAP

Choreography begins to get quicker and a bit more exciting at this age level! As technique improves and muscle memory develops, dancers will learn more challenging steps. The foundations of tap and the basic technique will be worked on during each class to enchance the repetoire of the dancer. We build upon those basic steps to increase our rhythm, timing, and speed! Introductions to varying styles of tape, including hoofing & rhythm tap, are explored.


As dancers progress, there will be increased focus on learning to properly strengthen, stretch, and care for their ankles and knees for proper execution of skills and steps. A variety of tap dance styles will be explored, from broadway to swing to funky tap! This energizing class will blend repetition, increasing patterns, syncopated rhythm, and expression through tap sounds! Advanced tap dancers will learn faster, more intricate footwork and how to develop speed, clarity, dynamic foot movements, and execution of complicated tap rhythms! New steps, patterns, and combinations will be learned each class to add variety to their tap repertoire. Styles range from hoofing to classic broadway to street and hip hop based tap! Throw in time steps, complex turns, and tons of style, and you have a recipe for a ton of tap FUN! 


Perfect for the former dancer, continuing dancer, or brand new dancer! Come one, come all to a class where you can build on the basics of tap and break a sweat while you're at it! All classes will focus on creating patterns and combinations with basic tap steps and improving clarity, musicality, and strength. More than getting the tap steps "just right", we focus on letting loose, having fun, and learning fab tap moves in the process! Vibrant music and a diverse selection of tap styles will encourage all students express themselves through performance! 

Team Classes



Ohana’s Performance Teams are small groups of dancers that have a desire to learn various dance styles, have a strong commitment to their classes, the studio and their peers and are looking for a bit more discipline. Our teams perform at various community events, such as Thunderbirds Hockey games, community fundraisers, Yankee Candle, charity concerts, etc. It’s a great opportunity for dancers who really want to learn new choreography and perform several times throughout the year!

Dancers who are interested in being on team will need to audition before the 2018-2019 dance season. If they are chosen to be on team, they will either be on mini, junior or senior team based on several factors: ability, age, commitment level & work ethic. Teams will meet once a week for 1 hour.



All classes are $10 drop-in fee! Class cards are available for purchase: $60 for 10 classes!

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