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Parents & dancers: 
Please review this list below to be sure that your dancer is receiving the correct annual award.
If they are not listed and you believe they should be receiving one this year, please let us know! 

14 Years: Haley Bernash,  Della Froeberg

12 Years: Annaliese Haselkorn

8 Years: Addison Barone, Natalie Harris, Cadee Killian, Summer Kohl, Elise Okraska-Helm, Carly Peterson

7 Years: Mae Cahill, Delaney Charette

6 Years: Isabelle Botelho, Kayla Bourcier, Arya Buckhout, Chloe Charette, Charlotte Dunn, Raelynn Fagan, Chloe Garcia-Schnitzer, Owynn Gilburg, Aaliyah Hall, Ava Hall, Nevaeh Heredia, Anna Heymanns, Alyssa McGinnis, Adalynn Lamoureux, Diane Leahy, Aubrey Luce, Emma Pouliot, Casey Pratt, Cali Rooney, Jessica Sabourin, Isabel Velasco, Madeline Wells, Elianna Wells, Tovah Woldorf
5 Years: Elayna Lamoureux, Arietta Falade, Ella Steininger, Sulaylet Fay, Ella Courtney, Haley Resnick, Sofia Velasco, Sydney Henry, Keely Haselkorn, Lila Tierney, Brynna Henry, Ellie Higgins, Malina Menard

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