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Fall 2023 Fundraisers 

Family, Friends, and Supporters of Ohana School of Performing Arts,


We will be offered 2 OPTIONAL fundraisers this fall season: 


DoubleGood Popcorn

September 26 - September 30th


Charleston Wrap 

October 2 - October 16


DoubleGood Popcorn Fundraiser


Offset the cost of your dancer(s) recital costumes for 
2023-2024 by selling DoubleGood Popcorn!
This fundraiser is NOT mandatory! It is optional, but sure does help with costume costs!
Interested in participating? Awesome! 
Download the Double Good App.
Enter event code BWF EOR .
Create your own pop-up store! Share link with family & friends.
The fundraiser begins on Tuesday, September 16th at 5PM and goes until Saturday, September 30th at 5PM.
You will have 4 days to sell.

The fundraiser will close on Saturday, September 30th at 5PM.
All items will be shipped DIRECTLY to customers!

Charleston Wrap Fundraiser 

We will be officially kicking off our fundraiser with Charleston Wrap on October 2, 2023. The fundraiser will be open for 2 weeks and will close on October 16, 2023.

How does it work?

Each student will need to register their account in order to sell to friends & family.
Click here to register.  Organization ID is 24710.


Participants will then share their online link with friends & family! Items will be shipped directly to homes. 

How much do participants earn?

* All orders placed online for standard catalog sales are 40% profit except for Personalizable Items and Boutique Items, which are 30% profit. 
* $1 per item is collected for all items sold online and is applied to ecommerce packaging charge. Profit is not awarded on this $1.
* All online orders are subject to shipping & tax..

Each participant will receive their earnings on their individual studio account to be used as credit towards costumes & other studio balances. 

Questions? Email

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